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Use Technology To Help Seniors Despite Being Away


How Technology can Help Long-Distance Caregivers

Sometimes, you take care of a senior because there’s no one else willing to step up. Other times, you’re part of a group of family or friends ready to help whenever needed. It’s not like the senior cannot do anything for themselves, but there are times when they need some assistance.

Then what happens if you live far away or travel a lot for work? You might think there’s no way you can be of any help anymore, but this is far from the truth thanks to modern technology. You can make a big difference even from far away. But what kind of assistance will the senior need?

Problems To Watch For

Many of the problems seniors deal with aren’t much different from your own. However, growing older does come with its own set of challenges. A big one is financial. Not only do seniors have reduced income thanks to retirement, but their costs can go up thanks to medical care. That’s especially true if their investments were hit hard by the recession. Seniors also tend to have problems with their health, identity theft, and loneliness. By knowing what problems they might need help with, you’ll be better prepared to help even if you live far away.

Apps & Websites You Need

What can you do from a distance? One way to take care of your loved one is to create a smart home for the senior. This is when professionals install various devices in the home that work over the internet. On the simplest level, you could control a programmable thermostat using your smartphone. This can help a senior who forgets how to use it. You can also use a smart home to monitor the senior’s movements, check to see who knocks at the front door and even provide reminders to take medication. All you need is some way to access the internet.

Other problems technology can solve include: geo tracking for seniors with dementia, transportation services for seniors and medical emergency notifications. And don’t forget how important human contact is to seniors. Instead of just using your phone for apps and websites, use it to call the senior and just chat. Talk regularly and ask how they are doing.

Ordering Home Services Online

Getting a taxi or Uber to pick up a loved one can be done online, but did you know there are many more services you can order through the internet? For example, many pharmacies these days will offer home delivery of needed prescriptions so the senior doesn’t have to drive anywhere for a refill.

You can arrange to have entire meals (not just groceries) delivered to the senior’s home. Companies like Blue Apron send everything needed to cook a meal, while Silver Cuisine offers fully cooked meals specially designed for seniors. They can even arrange meals that won’t complicate health problems like diabetes or hypertension.

You can even get some help with the senior’s pet dog. Dogs need to be walked regularly, but that can be hard if the senior is forgetful or cannot walk too much. You can help by ordering a dog walker online. You can also set up doggy daycare, house sitting visits, and dog boarding with local people who know how to work with pets.

You Can Help Despite The Distance

While it’s true that you can’t always be there because you’re far away, modern technology allows you to provide care from far away. With apps, sites, and home services accessible by your phone, you can provide the assistance that a senior in your life needs.



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